Everyone wishes they had an Anthony in their life. He is one of the most positive people with a contagious laugh. He is a coach at our CrossFit gym and makes it his priority for every person to have the best hour of their day when they walk through the doors. He is a husband and a father, the kind that every man strives to be.

Recently, Anthony had been feeling “out of shape” or “deconditioned” during his workouts. His nature was to fight through it and keep pushing. After a stomach bug that seemed to escalate his fatigue, he visited the doctor. The doctor sent Anthony straight to the ER. Anthony was severely anemic and was given 3 units of blood which helped him feel much better. They were not sure as to why this was happening and did a bone marrow biopsy. That was the test we were waiting for, and on Friday, August 2nd we received a call that no one ever wants to receive. 

Anthony was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a rare kind that accounts for only about 6% of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This is an aggressive type of cancer that will require aggressive treatments. We were all heartbroken, words could not describe how we felt and could only imagine what The Baca Family was going through.

He started chemotherapy immediately. Further information will be provided as we receive it. One thing is for sure - he will not fight this battle alone. He has an entire army with him and we WILL see him through this. #BACASTRONG

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